What's The Policy On Tipping? / What’s The Suggested Value?

Although tips are not mandatory, we suggest a 5-8 dollar tip for guides and a 10 dollar tip for crew members. It is up to each customer to decide to tip or not.

What’s The Guide’s Level?

Level 1.

What To Pack? (Clothes, Shoes, Etc)

Considering that tours of the Galapagos Islands often include long walks, swimming, humid or dry terrain, and other physical activities we recommend that you bring along with you.

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sandals for wet landings
  • Light short pants
  • Long-sleeved shirts / t-shirts
  • Light raincoat / windbreaker
  • Water resistant bag / backpack for walking
  • Bathing suit
  • Socks
  • Hat
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Binoculars
  • Video and picture camera
  • Sickness pills (consult your doctor)

Are Kids Allowed On The Cruise?

Kids ARE allowed on board our ships. Accompanying grownups should note that additional supervision is necessary onboard and during site visits.

Is There Internet Access (wifi) Onboard Or During Island Visits?

WiFi is only available at Galapagos’ main ports: Puerto Ayora (on Santa Cruz Island), Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (on San Cristobal Island) and Puerto Villamil (on Isabela Island); and at Baltra Island’s Airport.

What Kind Of Electric Voltage Is Onboard? 110w Or 220w? What Kind Of Plug?

Our ships use 110W current and standard three-legged pugs.

What’s The Flight Schedule?

Flight Information:

  • TAME EQ 193 Quito – Galapagos. Depart 9:00 am – Arrive 11:30 am
  • TAME EQ 192 Galapagos – Quito. Depart 12:30 pm – Arrive 16:50 pm

*Airlines reserve the right to change scheduling

How Much Baggage Am I Allowed To Bring?

Each passenger is allowed a 23-kilogram suitcase and a 10-kilogram handbag.

What's The Water Temperature/Weather Like?

The hottest time on the islands comes between December and May (70°F – 95°F), the water is warmer and calmer. Between June and November (65°F – 80°F), the water is colder and more agitated, but a greater variety of sea life can be seen.

What’s The Best Time To Visit The Galapagos?

Weather is generally nice all year round.

Why Don’t We Accept Credit Cards?

Currently we are not taking credit cards. We hope to implement this in the future, in the meantime, we use PAYPAL as a payment method.

Are There Banks Or Atms On The Islands?

There are TWO available banks on the Islands. “Pacifico” and “Pichincha” have 24 hour ATMs on Puerto Ayora, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno and Baltra Airport.

Can Wetsuits/Snorkeling Equipment Be Included In The Cruise Rate?

Unfortunately no, the wetsuits/snorkeling equipment are an additional service to our Cruise Tour.